I am Antony Rishin

A User Experience Designer with 5 years of Industry Experience having a strong passion for solving user problems by designing products and services.

I am currently pursuing my masters in Human-Centered Computing at University of Maryland, BC.  Previously I have worked with TCS designLab, the most dynamic design team in the organization.

“ I believe every designer has a story to tell ”

My Story so far: The way I see it

“ Let not life decide what happiness is for you. Before that, you define what should be happiness in your life. ”

However true, it can take time for one to understand what Happiness mean to him or her. It has been no different in my case as I trace my journey from days as an undergraduate student of engineering to a professional designer who has discovered his passion and philosophy.


“ I believe being a designer is not just a job but a lifestyle you follow ”

My process

During the initial discovery phase, I avidly follow whiteboarding and sketch noting exercises. This has always helped me to take the noise of data out of my head and draw better insights from that. Along with this, I use the principals of User Centric Design to start from a user and end with the same user.

My tools

As a designer, I use tools as an enabler to bring the right fidelity to my prototypes. From the vast number of prototyping tools available I have handpicked few which cater's to my exact needs.

Design communities I am part of

These are those comfortable spaces where I could find myself introspecting and refining my design rationales through healthy debates and discussions.