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Membership promotions are very key to our growing bussiness. There are always various types of promotions available for various types of members. An associate has to be updated about the latest promotions available and be proactive in promotying them to the right member ar the right time. 


My role

Led the design of the Ask Sam skill for club membership promotions.
This work involved close collaboration with Ask Sam Team and Membership team


Product Manager
Membership team
Content designer


6-5 Months


Design Strategy 
Skill deign

Identify your users

We conducted multiple club visits, interviews, and observation studies to gather more requirements. Associates at the Membership desk, floor, and point of sales usually need promotion details.


User needs


Current solutions

Pain points
  • Promotions were only available through the internal website.
  • An associate will have to always use a computer to access it. 
  • Perform multiple steps to get the info. 
  • Average task completion time was 5-10 min which was not ideal.


How to reimagine an improved promotion experince in Ask Sam

The task in hand was to reimagine how associate will find and use promotion information in Ask Sam. Goal is to identify the needs of the user and provide that info leveraging conversation design and  Natural language processing.


Breaking the current information hierrarchy

Promotion list: The current information hierrarchy resulted in longer lists of promotions which will not be a compatable experience on mobile for Ask Sam. It was important to take a more modular approach with the promotions. So we conducted stake holder interviews and user interviews to understand what kind of promotions would our users would like to see upfront. 

Promotion details: Once we sorted the right categories for promotion lists, we looked into the promotion details itself. It was important to break down the current structure as it resulted in a lengthy format. We disntegrated the curent structre into Primary info and secondary info. Primary info being the most important promotion information associate want to see upfront. Secondary info being the complementory info if needed. 

Our thoughtprocess on reimagining the information heirrarchy is illustrated in detiled below video. 

Understanding the user needs

The current promotion page had all the promotion information, which made it complex for the user to find the exact information they were looking for. User interviews and stake holder interviews helped us to understand what type of promotion information are they looking for. 

  1. They wanted to know what promotions are active in their club. The curent page provided them will all the club numbers which has this promotion, which made it difficult for the users to browse through them and find it their club is in their. 
  2. They wanted to search for promotions which are applicable for certain categories like, plus membership, credit cards, etc. 
  3. They wanted to lookup promotions by title and promotion ID.  

Based on these requirements we created a conversation flow for each of these user tasks.

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