Project Intro

Audiobooks and podcasting are the fastest-growing audio segments on mobile. Users who listen to audiobooks don’t enjoy the benefits of dog-earing pages, highlighting excerpts or leaving notes on their favorite pages... they also lose the nostalgic aspects of owning a book and watching it age. This leaves a lot to be desired from the audio experience on mobile. 

Your goal is to design an Audiobook or Podcasting mobile app that is highly personal, highly interactive and with the ability to bring even more utility to the user than a book ever could. 

Use Case

Few use cases which I looked into was the following. 

“Highlight” audio, analogous to highlighting text in a book. What else can the user do now that they’ve highlighted the content? 

Listen to the book with other listeners around the world. Share your emotions on the content with the other listeners. 

Take notes on parts of the audio book you find interesting. 

Problem Analysis

Highlightaudio, analogous to highlighting text in a book. What else can the user do now that they’ve highlighted the content? 

What We Achieved

As a design team, we were able to look beyond the confines of the desired solution and ask the customer what is the underlying business goal? Passenger Satisfaction. We then focused on exploring various stages of the passenger journey Identifying the crucial pain points and challenges which hinders their satisfaction. 

Discovery Phase: Bringing the Value In Design

This engagement was a typical scenario where a customer approaches you with a problem and a possible solution in hand. As a design team, it is our responsibility to ensure we are in the right direction.

The above two studies helped us to identify and explore the two new phases in passengers experience: Pre-flight and Post-flight phases.  This data helped us to vouch for a more in-depth study on the three journey phases to solve for passenger satisfaction. 

Design Phase: Task Flow

Design Phase: Prototyping

Design Phase: Final Screens


Companion App

Implementation Phase: Design Handoff

Old model

"Antony's work at in-flight experience project was highly impressive as it clearly reflected a professional UX designer in him. He took the courage to state that an infotainment system alone will not suffice to mitigate the passenger's pain points. Instead, he suggested a service level design where he placed two connected applications mobile and an infotainment system to cover the whole user journey."  - Head of DesignLab, TCS