Project Overview

FRESCO was the company's vision of future workplace by bringing seamless mobile-based platforms to caters various employee needs. Under this initiative fresco talk was the first ever collaboration and conversation platform. The goal was to design a mobile-first communication model which aligns with the current enterprise structure and scale efficiently across 400k employees. 

Team: 4 Designers    Duration: 5 months    Platform: Web, IOS, Android 

My Role

I played the role of a Product designer, responsible for conceptualizing, prototyping and testing the various conversational interaction for the product. I worked alongside three other designers to bring life to this dream project. I also collaborated successfully with the cross-functional product team of engineers, product managers, and business analysts. 


AI-based conversational agent

Collaboration tools

Conference Call, VOIP Calls

Extended tools

A seamless extension to other applications


His performance during the design of FrescoTalk, an Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform, was commendable. It was then when I realized his real potential. He was able to look beyond the confines of the application and suggest how the current functionalities of the application could be detrimental to users. He played a key role as an interaction designer of the team. - Ranjith Kumar, Lead Designer