Social Media
    Customer Care Platform

How it all started

I worked with this project when I was part of Social Media and Workplace Reimagination Team of TCS. The project started as a proof of concept which was immediately adopted and implemented by a Telecom Customer.

My Role

I played a crucial role in this project, as I single-handedly led the design engagement from Ideation to Implementation. I successfully communicated and collaborated with teams spread across various parts of the world including Marketing, Bussiness Analysts, SME's, Management and Engineers. Tools which I primarily used where Axure RP, Sketch, Balsamic, Adobe After Effects and Zeplin. 

Team : 1 designer            Duration: 6 months         Platform: Web

Reimagining Social media based Customer Care Platform

Stakeholder Interviews

At the discovery phase of my project, I conducted user interviews in order to get a better understanding of the problem. The attempt was

  • To understand the primary and secondary goals of the customer.
  • To generate actionable and feasible problem statements.
  • To understand the main user groups involved in the process: Supervisor/ Moderator and Agent.

Customer Story

With the increase in adoption of social media based platforms like Twitter and Facebook, there was a huge increment in customer feeds making it difficult for the current customer care platform to address them in a timely and efficient manner. This resulted in late responses which affected customer satisfaction. The information overload hindered the ability to track critical incidents which resulted in serious escalations thereby affecting the company's reputation. 

User Interviews

Based on the user group identified, we conducted two sperate User Interviews for both Supervisor and Agent. The primary goals behind these interviews were to 

  • To understand the challenges faced by a supervisor in identifying and assigning a task
  • To understand the challenges faced by an agent during task completion.
  • To understand the overall user journey of both the user groups.
An Agent Story

An explainer video created in Adobe After Effects


      Here is the quick overview of the Agent dashboard screen. More details will be provided on request.