twitter analytics

Project Overview

Our team was consulted with an Indian government organization to design and build a twitter based analytics application for a prominent representative with a strong and impactful twitter engagement portfolio. The solution involved visualizing hight level insights generated by analyzing all the relevant conversations on Twitter. The tweets were analyzed by a Big Data analytics platform which uses contextual analysis and sophisticated linguistic tools to provide insights into the sentiments and frequency of conversation. The application was portrayed as an intelligent platform to help make an informed decision on various twitter engagements.

Team: 3 Designers     Duration: 4 months     Platform: ipad, Wide Screen TV

Key features

Here I have portrayed few of the key features of the application designed and build by our team.


Contact me for more details

Due to confideniality norms I wont be able to share more details here. Please feel free to check out what my supervisor has to share about this project.

"Antony was a part of the Social Media Analytics application project. The project was crucial as it had bigger expectation and visibility from all higher officials of TCS including the CEO. As the interaction designer, Antony took a varied outlook on the redesign phase of the project which was highly unique and innovative. It also helped to leverage the analytical capability of the team and showcase only the relevant data which was required for the user. He was then responsible for the entire design of the project and worked closely with the SME team to complete the relevant designs."

-  Anas KA, Head of DesignLab, TCS